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Practical Naturopathy & Free Nature Cure Centre

Meet Acharya Ji

Late Acharya Swami Sheshadri Swaminathan Ji

Back In the fifties of the last century, Sri Swaminathan got his training on spirituality, ethics, etc. from personages like Sri Sivananda Saraswati and Sri Pranava Brahmendra Ananda Saraswati. At their bidding, he sat at the feet of Acharya K. Lakshmana Sharma and learned natural hygiene. The Acharya Blessed him and ever since then, he engaged himself in educating people on a mass scale. He has delivered a thousand lectures.

After him, his lessons are being preached by Acharya Jagdev Bharti Ji.

Meet Acharya Ji
Why Naturopathy

Why Nature Cure?

It can help with

Skin Issues
Weight Loss
Basically any Disease...

Coming back to the nature - consuming food when is given by nature and as in the way it is given gradually improves your digestion and heals you from within.

Blood Pressure
Hormonal Imbalance
Kidney Stones
Heart Disease


"I highly recommend Darshan Aashram to anyone who has a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their body… that pretty much covers everyone! After living with 28 years with chronic asthma, I’ve been given life-long tools to heal my own body.
With Acharya Ji’s guidance, I’ve been able to find a balanced vibrancy, and feel in control of a medically ‘unmanageable disease’ - a disease that was declared by Doctors as something I have to live with for my entire life. I now have tools that I can use myself when I’m sick which happens rarely in the first place..."

— Sahil Miglani, 32

Your Health Starts Here

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+91-93549 50672, +91 -95402 89984


Opp Government Senior Secondary School, Budhera, Gurgaon(Gurugram), NCR, Haryana, 122505

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